Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Exciting News For November 2016!!!!!

Exciting News For November

Ladies and gentlemen i'm proud to let everyone know i'm going to be doing some Author interviews for my blog this November. I am so give everyone the heads up...I've been working on my list already sending messages out and so has worked out great...I'm proud to also give you the list of the panel so far:

Alyson Hale
Angel L Woodz
K.M. Neuhold
Joanne Stephenson
AL Simpson
AF Crowell
SH Richardson
Amber Lacie
Aaron L Speer
Dani Rene'
Allyson Sinclair
Autumn Winchester
AJ Harmon
AD Saddler
Alanea Alder
Laci Paige
Ali Parker
Alyssa Drake
Erin Trejo
Alexx Andria
Amelia Jade
Amy Cecil
Laila Raimes
Angie Dokos
K.L. Cottrell
Skye Jones
Mark McQuillen
Amy Daws
Lewis Mountford
Lucrissa Dawn Lundy
Abby Gale
B B Easton
AC Nixon
Mila Waters
Alissa Rose
Andrea M. Long
Auriella Skye
Evan Grace
Amelia Faulkner
P Dawn
Marie Skye
Delaney Foster
Belle Brooks
Doris O'Connor
Andrea M. Long
CA Harms
Catrina Courtenay
Bridget Blackwood
Angie Dokos
Bryce Evans
Athena Wright
Cecelia Stryder
K. Lynn
Cayce Poponea
Cara Wylde
Shelley Grayson
Amy Aimee
Cate Aria
Tracy Burke
Kennedy Ryan
Jessica Harris

I will be posting all individual interviews starting in November...since I will be having surgery on October 19th so please just bare with me...this definitely takes time..I will be adding more Authors as they come..thanks for your patience!!! 

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